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We love tea. Even more, we are delighted by perfectly fizzy, well balanced, refreshing, beverages that cater to all of the senses. Pure Luck® is a secret blend of the worlds finest, certified organic teas brewed with artesian water & unadulterated good fortune. Using traditional, ceremonial methods we preciously hand craft & ferment each batch in glass and bottle it straight away without additives, 78 bottles at a time.

Golden Dragon Leisure class Kombucha

Only the finest Golden Needle or Himalayan Gold tea buds are selected to brew this rare & not always available specialty kombucha. Think of it like riding Virgin Galactic to the edge of space and back. Pure black tea produces complex fruit notes and aromas you will have to taste to believe. People swear we added something, but we didn’t… except, maybe some unadulterated good fortune. ;)

Silver Jasmine NY Sour Kombucha

Blended from luxury grade white needle and pearled green jasmine teas. We ferment this kombucha with a kiss of honey consistently producing a distinct white grape flavor with tiny bubbles. It also happens to be one of our most popular flavors. Probably, because it’s crisp, refreshing and dry. Clients often remark it taste like “Champagne”. …Jasmine Champagne Kombucha™ …What?!

Green Dragon NY Sour Kombucha

100% Japanese Green Tea (Steamed Sencha, Ceremonial Grade A Matcha) – Alpha wave, energy boosting, inspiration in a bottle!! Need we say more? Ride the Green Dragon.

Bangkok Detox Spicy Kombucha

Master cleanse inspired. Ginger, pu-erh tea, grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, Thai chili, lemon – Colds, toxins and hangovers beware the Bangkok Detox is coming for you. *Warning this kombucha may make you tingle and the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Other symptoms include breathing fire and strong invigoration leading to an urge to scream wooohoo! In Bangkok it’s normal for a small, spicy fire to be in your mouth when around food. Ask for “Farang Pet” and they will laugh at you.

“Better than Cola” Aged Heirloom Kombucha

Red wine grape skins, blackberries, raspberries, lavender flowers, grade B maple syrup blend with aged Pu-erh tea – A sun-dried green tea known as saiqing maocha is produced in this ancient tea appellation, and sought after for its strong energy and geographically unique flavor. Artisans transform saiqing maocha into Pu-erh using a traditional leaf piling fermentation process.

Himalayan Jun made from honey

Our Jun is light and easy drinking with melon-honeysuckle aromas and a delicate wild flower honey finish. Jun’s tend to be less sour and have a softer mouthfeel than kombucha. This Jun is made from Himalayan grown, vintage small-leaf China tree strains of Camellia sinensis var. sinensis. Fermented with organic, local honey.

Hibiscus Bordeaux Smokey Bear Kombucha

Rose hips, hibiscus flowers, currants, apples, elderberries, lapsang souchong tea, puerh tea, acai, red wine grape skins, blackberries, raspberries, lavender flowers – Not just any sour berry, Smokey Bear hug! Our brewmasters favorite.

Chocolate Mint Cookie California Sweet Kombucha

Green tea, cacao nibs, peppermint – Did someone order a dessert kombucha? Ummmmmmm… Yea! We did! Go ahead, open happiness!

Cinnamon Plum California Sweet Kombucha

Black currants, biodynamic darjeeling tea, cinnamon, hibiscus flowers, licorice root, notes of plum – We call this one a “Take Your Time Machine,” one sip and you will know why. *This flavor has the least caffeine

Raspberry Jam California Sweet Kombucha

Green tea, raspberries, hibiscus flowers. Inspired by memories of afternoon, sunlight walks, along dirt roads where endless wild raspberries grow. You’re my sweet tart, pucker up for a raspberry kiss!

Mr. Oolong Kombucha

Mr. Oolong is a man of character. A blend of Chinese &Thai oolong tea. He is smooth and delightful upfront, with a mysterious, sometimes smokey side only revealed in time. Just as the mists clear to reveal the mountainsides of his homelands so does Mr. Oolong reveal himself to your palate.

Miss Darjeeling Kombucha

Miss Darjeeling is a refined lady of biodynamic origin. Her tree’s grow on the last family owned estate in Darjeeling, India. Having been revered and pampered, her leaves absorbed the warming sun with nutrients laid in earth born cycles. Miss Darjeeling’s biodynamic upbringing creates “peak” flavors that blossom into a complex, unique and velvety mouthfeel with her signature Darjeeling aroma. She is quite a beauty, she is.

Pure Luck®

True believer’s in life’s tasty pursuits and chasers of tomorrow’s lifestyles, today!

To an unknown & unpredictable phenomenon that leads to unadulterated good fortune, Pure Luck®... SALUTE!! To the purists, zealots, and artisans. To the free masons, free thinkers and day drinkers! Kick back some probiotic tea, and relax, it’s good for you. Healthy gut, happy mind™

  • Sports

    Drink some Pure luck® before gearing up for the extra energy & good vibes needed to rule the day!

  • Travel

    Bring Pure Luck® with you. People don't call it Happiness in a Bottle!™ for nothing.

  • Fashion

    Oh HELLO! Don't you look sexy over there holding that bottle of Pure Luck®

  • The Environment

    We’ve built environmental practices into our business model. Part of that means we compost our waste and grow plants to provide oxygen for the SCOBY minions per SCOBY BOSS's direct order. Yup, they like to breath fresh oxygen like the rest of us! GO OUTSIDE AND THRIVE!


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Kombucha Klub™

“WILL WORK FOR FOOD” As you may know, SCOBY’s are symbiotic. In return for room & board they make kombucha. Sponsor a SCOBY today and in return once a month, Pure Luck® will deliver 36 servings of Pure Kombucha™ to your home/office. Don’t let a SCOBY go hungry. Sponsor a cute, soft, cuddly SCOBY today! How could you say no to that face?
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Pure Luck® on demand. Minimum order, one case. Free delivery area only as far as SCOBY minions can go without life support in NYC or LA. We also messenger and ship. One SCOBY is solely dedicated to packing, messengering & shipping to areas beyond SCOBY town. He looks so silly with the tape gun, bless his heart. What a hard worker. They really should get him a belt for that thing.
Cinnamon Plum, Hibiscus Bordeaux, Raspberry Jam, Himalayan Jun, Golden Dragon, Green Dragon, Better Than Cola, Silver Jasmine, Hot Ginger, Mr. Oolong, Mrs. Darjeeling & Chocolate Mint Cookie
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