Pure Luck Bangkok


Pure Luck Bangkok, concept brewery & greenhouse. Forty feet of collaboratively designed, custom built store front leads into a 125,000 bottle/year, nano-kombucha brewery & tasting room built into a 100 year old building. Walk through the tasting room to reveal thirty five foot high skylights, beaming light onto a jungle like environment with hanging plants, hiding picnic tables, canopied by the trees.

There’s some serious serendipity going on at Pure Luck®. A long time ago, before Pure Luck was Pure Luck® – we traveled to Bangkok. There we met a then, 20 year old college student named Chatthip Phungtham… Flash forward to 2013 – once again the universe brought us together.

Her official role as Co-Founder/ Brand Ambassador & Cheif Creative, were instrumental in facilitating such a project in Bangkok, Thailand. Pure Luck® Bangkok, opened on Soi Nana, Chinatown, Bangkok, Fall 2014. With much love and gratitude, would could not have done this without you and all the many wonderful people who support us, in Thailand. The land of smiles 🙂

In it’s entirety; a lofted 400 sq. ft. kitchen with 4×8 foot sliding moon roof, one bedroom living space, two storage rooms, office and an organic roof garden growing more than 10 varieties of vegetables from the composted waste of kombucha, food scraps and plant matter. We love…Amazing Thailand! There’s no place on Earth like it.


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