Re-usable Bamboo Straw


A sustainable, organic, vegan, reusable straw for drinking

  • No taste of metal, won’t break like glass
  • No BPA, no dyes, no chemicals, nothing added
  • Bamboo straws come from select bamboo stems which are hand-picked for perfection. Blemishes, imperfections and slightest marks are discarded; afterwards, the stems are cut and hand polished for smooth drinking tips
  • As a reusable straw, wooden bamboo straws are as strong as steel
  • Each straw is a naturally grown bamboo shoot, and will vary in size and color
  • Suitable for cold liquids like iced tea, iced coffee, kombucha, lemonade, juice, smoothie etc; dishwasher safe
  • Biodegradable


The best sustainable, re-usable straw. Bamboo grows naturally, fast and easy. This straw is made for those don’t want to break a glass straw or don’t like the taste of metal. Bamboo straws are organic and chemical free. They are also biodegradable.

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