Kombucha Tea Blends – For Making Kombucha at Home



  • Pre-measured with instructions and tips to brew delicious tea for fermenting into flavorful, healthy kombucha
  • Makes one gallon batch of tea for fermenting into kombucha
  • Blends are also excellent for brewing into hot tea for drinking
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Pure Luck® – Pure Kombucha™ tea blends are the same tea blends we use to make our kombucha. Now you can make your own Pure Kombucha™ flavors at home. Packaged in a resealable pouch, delivered by Fed Ex.

Mr. Oolong – 50 Grams – This 3 style, oolong tea blend is the same one we use for our signature, Mr. Oolong kombucha. Named by Food & Wine Magazine as one of their “Top 5” favorite kombuchas.

  • INGREDIENTS – oolong tea

Black Fruit – 75 Grams – Known for their unforgettable aromas of East Asian wild rose, passionfruit and lychee. This exotic black tea plant cultivar is balanced in this blend with a Thailand grown Ruby Oolong tea. It ferments into a extraordinarily delicious, crisp kombucha with strong notes of lychee and passionfruit.

  • INGREDIENTS – black & oolong tea

Berry Blush – 140 Grams – This beauty blend highlights the natural balance of Omija berries with accents of luscious strawberry and succulent rosehips. This blend ferments into very pretty blush color with sophisticated berry flavor and mild acid profile.

  • INGREDIENTS – Oolong tea, schizandra berries, strawberries, rosehips, maqui berries, lavender flowers, red wine grape skins, hibiscus flowers, blackberry leaves, cornflowers

Himalayan Joy – 50 Grams – Smooth and abundantly fragrant with notes of plumeria flower, orange blossom honey and ripe papaya with herbaceous undertones. Produces a very unique soft, citrus-y, flowery, musky ferment, depending on the fermentation conditions.

  • INGREDIENTS –  Black tea grown in Nepal at 1800 meters

Better Than Cola -120 Grams – Blackberry, fig and cola distinguish this singular blend of pu-erh tea and red wine varietal grape skins. When fermented with maple syrup, the resulting kombucha takes on a rich minerality. While the red wine grape skins create an almost cream soda like profile. Depending on the fermentation technique the acid profile will vary from mild to medium.

  • INGREDIENTS – Pu-erh tea, elderberries, hibiscus flowers, red wine grape skins, blackberries, raspberries, lavender flowers

Matcha Ginger – 140 Grams – This brain tonic energizes deeply with uplifting Matcha green tea, ginger, rosemary and yuzu citrus. Once fermented we like to add black pepper, this really makes for an awesome, zesty kombucha with a medium acid profile.

  • INGREDIENTS – Ginger root, green tea, quince, rosemary, yuzu peel, black pepper, essential grapefruit, ginger, coriander, and essential makrut lime oil

Chocolate Chai – 140 Grams – Decadent cacao, sarsaparilla, coconut and puerh, combine for chai cola like kombucha with a mild acid profile.

  • INGREDIENTS – Puerh tea, black tea, coconut flakes, cinnamon, cocoa shells, sarsaparilla root, licorice root, cocoa nibs,  roasted dandelion root, cloves, natural chocolate flavor

Reishi Mushroom – 140 Grams – Rich and savory with roasted chicory and dandelion roots, creating a dark infusion with an almost coffee-like appearance, taste and mouthfeel. The resulting kombucha is very earthy with a slight smoky and savory quality. The acid profile is generally soft.

  • INGREDIENTS – Wuyi oolong tea, chicory root, roasted dandelion root, reishi mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, cocoa nibs, licorice root

Pu’er Ginger – 120 Grams – Robust and invigorating with zesty ginger, high in caffeine. This fast fermenting blend creates a well balanced, punchy kombucha with a medium to high acid profile.

  • INGREDIENTS – Puerh tea, ginger

Green Dragon – 100 Grams – An energizing blend of matcha and sencha with a deep sweetness and smooth, umami richness. This blend ferments into a medium to high acid, honeydew melon like kombucha, it will perk you up!

  • INGREDIENTS –  Sencha (steamed) green tea, matcha green tea

Raspberry Jam – 120 Grams – Steamed green tea blended with tart hibiscus and succulent raspberries, everyones favorite! Makes an incredibly rich, jammy, tart, kombucha.

  • INGREDIENTS – Green tea, raspberry, hibiscus flowers, natural raspberry flavor

Turmeric Mango – 125 Grams – Luscious and juicy Sri Lanka mango, tangy sweet pineapple, fragrant yuzu citrus peel and exotic top notes of jasmine and makrut lime. This blend is for those who like their kombucha sour. This kombucha can be fermented longer and made into vinegar for salads and cooking.

  • INGREDIENTS – Organic oolong tea, organic mango, organic turmeric root, organic pineapple, organic ginger root, organic green tea with jasmine, organic yuzu peel, natural mango flavor, essential makrut lime oil

Rich Patagonia Berries – 125 Grams – Beautiful color, depth of flavor, high in antioxidants. This tea blend makes for a great stand alone kombucha. Or use it as a berry base kombucha with fresh medicinal herbs in a second ferment. The blend usually ferments with a medium to high acid profile.

  • INGREDIENTS – Oolong tea, organic blueberries, organic maqui berries, organic raspberries, organic red wine grape skins, organic hawthorn leaves

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