Home Brewing Kombucha Consultation With Our Brewmaster

$100.00 Including Tax

Available for a limited time only – Personalized online workshop with our brewmaster. We want to share the love (and kombucha) with as many people as possible. Feel confident making and drinking the healthiest kombucha possible, at home!

  • Learn the Pure Kombucha™ method
  • Live one on one experience for home brewers via Skype/ FaceTime
  • Pure Luck® – Pure Kombucha™ named Food & Wine Magazine’s top 5 kombucha brands
  • Founded in 2010, our brewmaster has almost a decade of kombucha brewing experience
  • Our consultation portfolio includes VIP trainings for Head Chefs of 5 star resorts, tasting menus with clients like HSBC, Porsche, Park Hyatt and custom flavors for corporations like fresh® cosmetics, Ditto and Organique´
  • Pure Luck® – Kombucha School™ has instructed 1000’s of students
  • No refrigeration needed – Learn techniques to make, perfectly carbonated, shelf stable kombucha that will last for months
  • Already brewing kombucha and have questions? No problem, lets talk about the variables
  • Second ferment questions? We got you covered, and 5 techniques to share that will make your life easier
  • Tea and equipment sourcing?
  • Ratio’s, scaling, water, SCOBY’s – pick our brewmasters brain
  • Available worldwide with a secure internet connection, scheduled at your convenience
  • Private workshops begin in January 2019
  • Don’t worry, you can reschedule if you have a change in plans 🙂

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For Home Brewers – Learn the Pure Kombucha™ method from anywhere in the world

How this works:


  • Simply check out and make payment. Once confirmed, we will contact you to schedule your private online workshop. On the scheduled date and time our brewmaster will contact you directly via Skype/ FaceTime/ etc.. If this is a gift we will mail a personalized gift certificate directly to you or the recipient.


  • If you have your own, we will help you make better kombucha at home, by offering our experience, personalized for your situation, please pick our brain.
  • If you do not have a “kombucha kit” yet, we can provide starter culture/  SCOBY for $20 extra, this covers the cost of shipping and the glass jar the culture ships in. (USA and Thailand residents only)
  • USA residents? Amazon sells one gallon/ 4 liter glass jars here.
  • Thailand residents? We carry french presses, tea, fermenting jars and everything you need.
  • If you need tea blends we sell them here. (USA and Thailand residents only)


  • If you have a change in plans. No problem, you can reschedule. Sessions are scheduled/ approximated as a 90 minute time window. We understand that one size doesn’t always fit all. So just let us know and we will do our best to work with you. We want you to succeed.
  • Workshops will begin being held from January 2019


  • For first time brewers we will help you to personalize your brewing style, step by step, from our Kombucha School™ curriculum.
  • For existing home brewers our initial questionnaire will set us off on the right foot for your consultation. Second fermentation, carbonation, weird ideas or maybe exploring new teas. We have a wealth of experience with over 100 teas and almost 10 years brewing experience.


  • There are no refunds once a date has been scheduled. Missed/ forgotten appointment? Don’t worry, we give you one freebie. If you miss two appointments however, your forfeit your consultation. A missed appointment is defined as 15 minutes past the designated start time without prior 24 hour notice.
  • Reschedule twice 24+ hours in advance of the scheduled consultation for free. Each subsequential rescheduling will occur a fee of $50.
  • This consultation is tailored for home brewers.
  • Lessons expire within 4 months of purchase.