Kombucha SCOBY Starter Culture – 375ml


Want a softer more flavorful kombucha? Try our Pure Kombucha™ Starter Culture and grow your own SCOBY. Manage acidity, and health benefits in your kombucha with our simple methods.

  • Easy to store until time of use, with 6 Months Shelf Life
  • Easy to use, uncork and pour into room temperature sweetened tea
  • 375ml Kombucha Starter Culture, ferments 4-5 liters of sweetened tea into kombucha
  • Made from certified organic tea, brewed with spring water, fermented in glass, shipped in glass
  • Packed in a sturdy, re-usable glass Moonshine bottle with cork
  • Watch a SCOBY grow before your eyes, no need for a SCOBY, our dedicated culture grows one for you
  • Re-use the Moonshine bottle to take kombucha or any other drink with you anywhere you go


Want a softer more flavorful ferment? Try our Starter Culture and grow your own SCOBY. Learn to manage acidity, and health benefits in your kombucha with our simple methods.

Learn from the start with Pure Luck® – Kombucha School™. Grow your own SCOBY. Using our special Pure Kombucha™ starter culture. Keeping it clean green. We found this great reusable, 375ml glass moonshine mug, with a cork. Perfect for all the pirates and travelers out there who take kombucha (or anything else to drink) with you places. With a durable cork cap and extra thick glass. This sturdy bottle will hold up well. Trips in the car, bag or boat! You can also cork your kombucha when it’s ready and wait for bubbles!

A SCOBY is the reflection of the environment around it. Kombucha ferments in a cycle. Understandig the cycle is essential to keeping your culture healthy.

Even our bodies are said to be as much as 57% bacteria and yeasts. Everywhere on Earth are populations of yeast and bacteria. A SCOBY serves as a hotel for them both. Yet, there’s one thing to pay attention to about the SCOBY. The thicker a SCOBY gets, the more Acetobacter, move in.

Because the Acetobacter like to live in a low pH environment. The yeasts which are not acid tolerant move out. And more acetic acid (vinegar) will be produced because the balance and diversity are off. A thick SCOBY is only strong in the sense that it makes more vinegar. Using a new SCOBY every batch. You are in charge of the acid production. Try for yourself and see the difference.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in