Live In The Sun Shine

Since we began in New York City in 2010. Pure Luck®️ Is focusing on purity, quality, innovation and the benefits of leading an organic, natural world inspired lifestyle. Pure Luck®️ is recognized by Food & Wine Magazine as one of the “Top 5” best tasting kombucha makers in America. 

In 2013 we opened BKK’s first ever Kombucha Brewery, Pure Luck®️Bangkok. Complete with a tasting room, greenhouse and a roof top garden. We are known as the kombucha pioneers of Thailand. Having trained many thousands of people, from all over the world, in The Art Of Brew – making kombucha, fermenting vegetables and keeping a healthy microbiome. We have been helping Thailand get healthy for almost a decade now.

By focusing closely on the microbiome, starting with the gut – our second brain. We are able to affect our mood, behaviors and thought/ decision making clarity. As well as to receive a host of other benefits, like weight loss and skin clarity. Simply by drinking Pure Luck regularly. 

As an extension of the gut – our mouth and skin. We have recently added new product lines. Protecting the microbiota of your skin. The largest organ of our body. We also have introduced oral care as well. The mouth is essentially an extension of our stomach. Lastly, for all of the the ladies out there. We added some very special yoni care products. 

Open Bacteria Bank Account with Pure Luck®️

  • Pure Kombucha™
  • Bacteria Beautician
  • Holistic Dental Care
  • The Flora Of Our Flower

Incorrect information leads to inflammation, on all levels. Get the true facts from a trusted source. We specialize in taking care of your bacterial life. Considering the human body is made up from more bacteria and yeast than actual human cells. Making sure to keep the system in the proper balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle and excellent quality of life. 

For more info. please add LINE “@pureluckbangkok”