Cold Water and Aerobic Exercise

Have you ever heard of Wim Hof? They call him the Iceman. Common among athletes, Cryotherapy, is a treatment inside a chamber where your body is subjected to sub-freezing temperatures. Usually, for a few minutes. Cold therapy helps to increase energy, repair/ reduce soreness and inflammation. The simplest example is icing an injury. 

There’s no real need for an expensive chamber. When you can literally just take a cold shower at home. Or soak in a cold water/ ice bath. It will take a some practice, go slow at first. 

First thing in the morning. If I can’t get to the ocean or a nice cold river. A cold shower will do. Even in the winter. Don’t feel bad to cheat at first. Take a normal hot shower, steam it up in there! But for the last 2 minutes. Turn off the hot. You will feel the benefits right away. Now you’re awake! 

Scientists did studies and found if you repeatedly make your body cold to the point of shivering. That will increase your tolerance to the cold. Making the time you can spend being cold before shivering longer. This has many physical benefits. Just like a muscle, you can build resistance to the cold. I personally make a point to get in the cold water everyday. It is a very empowering feeling to beat the cold! 

The last point to make here is about exercise. Swedish scientists did studies and found that just 2 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, “improved learning memory, planning and problem solving, concentration… (and) verbal fluency,” with the positive effect lasting up to two hours. 

Two minutes!! Anyone can find two minute to do jumping jacks, jump rope or anything that gets the heart pumping. Combine this with a cold water plunge right at the end and you will be ready for the day!