February 17, 2020



For the past several years we have been holding three day, Farm to Ferment workshops at RRR. At these workshops students learn about the connections between the soil biome, the gut biome, nutrition, health and fermentation. We review how the virtuous cycle in nature works and how to apply these concepts to our own lifestyles.


Rai Ruen Rom is a peaceful serene farm. Situated on a flat plateau, surrounded by mountains. Spanning 1500 acres, with a river running through it. RRR grows everything from hemp, bananas, chili peppers, beets, kale and black rice. To marigold, butterfly pea, mulberry, papaya and mugwort. And everything in-between.

They also know that healthier soil. With a plethora of diverse, microbial life, grows nutrient rich, more flavorful food. RRR is not simply organic. They are a Biodynamic farm. Living in rhythm with nature. They feed the soil compost, dung and bacteria that is collected, fermented and recycled on the farm. They even use a traditional, fermentation technique to make all their own “fertilizer”. While harvesting in rhythm with the moon cycles.

Knowing all of their inputs, means RRR can guarantee their produce is organic and free of chemical contaminates. It’s this attention to detail and quality controls. In addition to her fierce advocation of self reliance, that earned “Apple”, Rai Ruen Rom’s founder, Thailand’s “Woman of the Year” award in 2020. Awarded by the Prime Minister of Thailand, himself.

Reconnect with nature, farm animals, the birds, bees and the most beautiful pink sunsets. While understanding and connecting with your food. Schedule a visit to RRR for yourself.

Visit for the day. Lounge in our open air, elevated farm cafe and treehouse. Come simply to enjoy the view, birds chirping and fresh air. Take a stroll with the goats. Or just watch the little ones play. Kids love it! 

Their kitchen is serving the freshest local produce possible. Savor flavors, from just picked farm fresh produce, craft elixirs, teas and coffee. Served daily. Rest and relaxation.

Guests wishing to stay overnight will be pleased to find their custom built “glamping” tents have beds, toilets, lights and showers! 

RRR residency and farming educational programs are open to those of all skill levels. All you need is a desire to get your hands dirty. And learn more about where your food comes from.