February 18, 2020


Pure Luck® is a family owned, boutique, brand. Our office is located in Ojai, CA. We operate a manufacturing facility in the East Bay of San Francisco, and a second small kombucha brewery in Bangkok, Thailand. Also, in Bangkok we own and operate our very own Kombucha School™.

To round out the equation. In Northern Thailand we operate 1500 acres of USDA Certified Organic farmland. Regenerative Agriculture is a huge part of our business model. We compost all of our production waste. Using this compost to grow food for the community.

The brand’s founders have a combined four decades of experience working in many facets of the global luxuries industries. Working with many major global brands, magazines, fashion houses and celebrities in Europe, America and Asia.

Bringing a unique perspective to the idea of product development and design with purpose. With Pure Luck®, the aim is always to create and inspire. The highest quality, healthiest products possible. To break the status quo. The goal is simple. Improve the quality of life for our clients. While, serving the people and the planet with respect.

It all started with kombucha. Pure Luck® has been continuously producing kombucha for more than a decade. Using the very same cultures we started with. During this time we have grown Into much more than simply a kombucha brand. Pure Luck® has become a lifestyle. 

We now are offering many different services and products. With more to come. Stemming directly from more than four decades of experience in these sectors.

Using traditional biodynamic farming practices. We have the capacity to grow on demand and are developing new products and techniques for ourselves and others. With our world famous team of experts. Under our, newly launched, Pacific Myst™ brand. We grow, harvest, develop, process and create our own unique IP and products.

Constantly innovating. We create, market and sell products unlike any available, anywhere else on Earth.  Sample for yourself. And view our partnerships page. For more ideas on the possibilities.