February 18, 2020


The short version.

Originally, an art project. Born in Brooklyn, from a concept. That everyone should be able to experience Pure Luck. We crafted a drink that actually has the power to stimulate this very such happen stance.

In 2010 we started making kombucha, we have never stopped. Literally! Pure Kombucha™ has been continuously fermenting using the very same lineage of cultures we started with. We have been selectively breeding kombucha strains for more than a decade. And have cultures stashed in four locations around the world! Just in case.

If you have ever lived in New York City. You know that life there is built around drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Kombucha, it turned out was a great cure for hangovers. Kombucha, is also a gateway probiotic. This magical potion. Leads you down a path to better health. When you first start drinking kombucha you notice the benefits. Awakening you to the possibilities.

In 2011 Pure Luck® crafted 11 flavors and formed The Kombucha Party. A neutral interloper, to share fermented teas. Spreading probiotic happiness, for others to find common ground and stimulate dialogue amongst citizens. We pitched our flag in East Hampton, Long Island at the Escape From NY Music Festival. A festival organized by Fred Fellowes, known in Britain for his Secret Garden Parties.

In 2012 we opened Pure Luck Tea Bar on Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. NYC’s first ever kombucha bar.

Not far from there, in Brooklyn, 2012 we also found Chatthip! Pure Luck had met it’s match. Our second Founder and Branding Director. Without her design magic Pure Luck® would not be the same. Yet, we had met Chatthip before.

Our Founder Brett Casper had met Chatthip Phungtham in Bangkok. Long before he knew where they would be today. He wished they would meet again. Ten years later. It was Pure Luck that brought them together again. Ask us about their Love Story. It has to be Pure Luck®.

She says, we saved her life. And she saved ours. Not only did she contribute immensely to the success of Pure Luck®. She brought the feminine and love we needed so much. Chatthip suggested we bring Pure Luck® to Bangkok. In 2013 we opened Thailands first kombucha brewery and green house. Pure Luck® Bangkok.

In 2017 Kombucha School™ was founded. We have educated more than 1500 VIP’s, students and professionals.

Late in 2019 an opportunity presented itself that we couldn’t pass up. To have large scale production in the San Fransisco Bay Area.

Writing history as we go, Pure Luck San Fransisco launched March 4th, 2020, with 16 flavors of Pure Kombucha™.

And then Covid-19 Hit! We are prepared. We are shipping kombucha to all 50 states. Working from home. More than ever, the world needs Pure Luck!