February 18, 2020


Started in Brooklyn, NYC as a manifesto art project in 2010. Pure Luck® began with the aim to earn its living paying it forward. By creating a business, meant to be self re-enforcing. Making profits in a way that create better qualities of life for our clients and consumers.

We developed a positive payoff product. Maximizing the opportunity to leave minimal impact, use nature by design and lead/ inspire through example. Design with purpose – to bring to market a consumption based, knowledge product. Living intelligence in bottle, AKA Pure Luck®.

Pure Luck® in brand format, provides turnkey kombucha solutions for projects of all sizes. Our niché includes, developing custom flavors/ branding and product development, custom kombucha programs, brewery licensing, corporate education and PR partnerships, consulting, cafe program development, tea house/ tasting rooms and fermentation programs. In multiple world markets.

We are educating many thousands of humans and regularly partnering with farms, household name global brands, luxury hotels, resorts, spa’s and Michelin starred restaurants. Our focus is on fermentation, gut health and education. We operate in the ether, where art meets science. 

With our proprietary workflow, cultures and flexible scalability. Pure Luck® is able to deliver the optimum choice to meet specific situations and budgets. While always, providing the healthiest ingredients and cultures, a community can get. What sets us apart from the rest. Our proprietary culture management system and strains are direct descendants from ten years of continuous batch brewing. A lineage that began with mountain spring water, organic tea and has always been slow fermented in glass. 

What makes Pure Luck® – Pure Kombucha™ so truly unique and resilient is microbial diversity. Something that is not possible to attain when metal fermenting and/or plastic storing kombucha cultures. This we guarantee.

For us what matters most is when a customer sends a happy excited message. And many do! The intelligence has been received. Telling us their story, of the journey and benefits received from Pure Luck®. That warm, fuzzy feeling. Knowing you business benefits others and the planet. That is priceless.