How To Increase Your Immunity To Illness

Bacteria are everywhere. Even our bodies are made of more bacteria, yeasts, and fungi than cells. These microscopic organisms are thriving, evolving and surviving just like us. A healthy, well functioning immune system is the best way for staying healthy.

As the corona virus continues to spread. Let’s talk a little about immunity. Don’t want to get sick? 

Boost your immunity! For better resilience and recovery from the flu, colds etc. 

Ways to boost immunity:

  • Improve gut health
  • Eat a balanced diet, high in fiber, low in processed sugars, making sure to eat greens, vegetables and fruit every day
  • Drink kombucha! You knew it was coming. Kombucha super charges your immune system with probiotics  and detoxifies your liver, just make sure to choose low sugar and the more sour varieties, for the health benefits
  • Drink tea, green and pu’er tea are best but black is great too! Make sure to choose organic, in loose leaf varieties
  • People who drink tea daily for 20+ years are said to live longer and maintain a sharper mind into old age
  • Sleep, make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night
  • Beauty sleep, it’s when your body detox’s and rebuilds, I’m saying it twice because it’s that important
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water every day!! This one is super important. Our bodies are about 60- 65% water, drink water with meals, with added citrus, or herbs for more benefits, and better hydration, avoid drinking water on an empty stomach
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week! Not only does working out boost immunity, it boosts serotonin
  • 90% of serotonin is made in our guts, it is now believed by scientists that this serotonin + brain + gut connection plays a significant factor in your over all wellbeing 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, it’s not only bad for your brain, it’s bad for your gut health and immunity
  •  Eat meals on a schedule, your body is a raving fan of schedules, keep it running like clockwork