How To Increase Your Immunity To Illness

Bacteria are everywhere. Even our bodies are made of more bacteria, yeasts, and fungi than cells. These microscopic organisms are thriving, evolving and surviving just like us. Supporting the colonies of “good” bacteria. Is a practical way to maintain a healthy, well functioning immune system. As the corona virus continues to spread. Looking to avoid[…]

Wonderfruit Music Festival 2019

December 12 – 16, Thailand – Pure Luck® – Alive Radiant Spa. Sense, touch, taste and feel the benefits of kombucha and the magnificent SCOBY. Sample our signature Pure Kombucha™. Explore Wonderfruit exclusive products and concoctions. Interact with probiotics, SCOBY, kombucha lovers, and all things Pure Luck®. For our inside and gut health. And personal[…]

Ojai, California

Sacred land, healing water. Magic powers of hot mineral springs.  Here, the sulphur rich water bubbles from under large rocks into small, natural rock and mud filled pools. Adjacent runs a brisk, clear canyon stream. It’s no secret the benefits of mitochondrial cleansing. Through sudden temperature shock. Prolonged immersion in the rushing cold mountain stream[…]

Cooking with Kombucha

September 1, 2019 Since 2016, with her training from various Michelin restaurants, Chef Evelyn Yap has been cooking her “Modern Farm-to-Table Cuisine” at Happivore Supper Club monthly events. She keeps proving that the triple combo of healthy, quality produce and flavors is achievable by using mostly local ingredients from Thailand. Collaborating with Pure Luck Kombucha,[…]

The Dog Bowl for Tan Magazine, Thailand

The Dog Bowl : Birth of Vertical Skating By PureLuck® for Tan Magazine, February 2016 As I skated past the Skate Dancing plaza in Venice Beach yesterday. The nomadic street sellers, people asking for change, smells of fried snacks & weed. Mixed with street performers, never ending rows of shops (more weed), people and dogs, cafes and bars.[…]