Non-Alcoholic Tea Champagne For Health Conscious Party People

Originally Published in Tatler

An alternative to our favourite sparkling drink?

In 1892, French Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon found delight in an effervescent wine. “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” he exclaimed to the taste and bubbly texture of the champagne we love today. Carbonated drinks are favoured by many for its uplifting effect and with the current trends finding more health-conscious consumers taking a break from alcohol in search of low or zero alcohol fizzy alternatives, a brand named Pure Luck is offering just what we are looking for. Pure Luck is responsible for popularising kombucha, or fermented tea, in Thailand. Backed by scientific findings, kombucha has antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits and can be attributed to immune stimulation, detoxification, weight loss and cancer prevention.

Kombucha is indeed not a new invention, however. Dating back to as far as 2000 years ago in Manchuria, fermented tea was carried by nomadic people and has been kept alive until today in parts of Russia, China and Japan—hence the nomenclature. Pure Kombucha by Pure Luck is made traditionally by fermenting in glass and wooden barrels but is infused with innovation for stable shelf life. 

A healthy recreational drink, Pure Kombucha comes with a selection of over 60 tastes, including Mr Oolong, Cinnamon Plum, Bangkok Detox, Chocolate Mint Cookie and Better Than Cola, because as the creative director of Pure Luck, Chatthip Phungthan, says, “who says healthy can’t also be fun?”

From the colourful packaging to the perfect little bubbles in every glass, Pure Kombucha is really a “tea champagne”. The balanced tart sourness with a hit of sweet effervescence has resulted from years of experimentation, preservation and, of course, perfection.