January 31, 2016


In a nutshell

Pure Luck® is inspired by history, nature and ceremony. We holistically craft & ferment each batch of tea – in a way that connects our ancestral collective stories and generational, cultivative energies, into a perfectly balanced, healthy, bio+elixir™ – created specifically to make you feel happy and keep you healthy.

Portioned in a size, that’s as powerful, as it is portable. We simply wish to create the highest potency, best tasting, live, energetic beverage there can be.

Each batch of Pure Luck® is brewed by hand from the finest teas and fermented, 120 bottles at a time, in our exclusive – Pure Kombucha™ style. This means it will always be crafted from 100% certified organic ingredients & mountain spring water, fermented in glass and, from craft to bottle, never touch any metal surface.

Pure Kombucha™ is always unfiltered, naturally carbonated, naturally caffeinated, non-GMO, gluten free, low sugar – has NO ADDED JUICES or FLAVORS – no refrigeration necessary.
We offer the first and only, meticulously designed, concentrated, probiotic shot – crafted to deliver the perfect amount of energy rich, probiotic filled, Kombucha tea in a 4 oz. shot sized serving. One bottle is all you need. Happy Gut, Healthy Mind!™



Kombucha, is fermented tea. Just like a beer is made from grain, or cider from fermented apples. Kombucha is born from fresh brewed tea, infused with sugar and cultures of yeast and bacteria. Depending on the flavor, temperature, sugar source and size, tea will be fermented into kombucha in as little as ten days – but usually it takes about 21 days. We always ferment a minimum of 21 days. 

SCOBY (symbiotic-culture-of-bacteria & yeast), technically it’s a Zoogleal Mat. It’s what forms on the surface of the tea as it ferments. The SCOBY protects the kombucha from contamination and is partially responsible for the trace amounts of alcohol found in kombucha. The bacterias and yeasts convert sugar to acids, gases or alcohol.

What is Pure Luck® – Pure Kombucha™ – what makes it taste different and why do I feel so good when I drink it? 

It’s probably because we are totally geeks when it comes to our process. Here are 6 reasons:

1) We never compromise on quality with tea, water or any of our ingredients – not ever

Teas excite us, they have stories! Just like wine, tea also has appellation. With flavors and energies due to people and natural growing conditions in the soil, rocks, elevation, orientation, wind, rain, sunshine, method of harvesting, moon cycle, time of picking, curing method and so on. It’s all, really fascinating!

2) We always use the best local spring water available – spring water is filtered through an Earth Cycle

These artesian, spring waters gain valuable trace minerals and geo-local Earth energies while being bubbled back to the surface. It’s got that ohh+ so fresh feeling – Did you know that a single water molecule, when trapped, can change it’s atomic structure looking for an escape route?

3) This one goes without saying – everything organic

We always use organic/ biodynamic ingredients in our products. You get better energy, better nutrition, better taste and more microflora, hands down.

4) We really love stories, relationships, rituals, ceremony, applied anthropology and quantum theory… Say what??

If you think about it, how many countless generations of human energy has been focused into ceremonies celebrating tea, methods of cultivating & manipulating tea, curing tea and so on. We like to imagine the details of the many, major historical events that have been planned or executed while drinking tea. The many tea’s given as gifts to emperors and dignitaries. Or the scenes of camaraderie, stories shared and dreams plotted – over a cup of tea. Then there’s the countless people who have relied on the comfort of the idea – coming in off a frontier – looking forward to that warm pot of tea waiting at home. What about tea’s political turnings? How about tea picked by moneys? Tea picked by virgins? It’s insane, to try to digest the scope of history, stories and life energy, allotted to a single plant.

There are so many energetic events through time, ripples reflecting back on tea, literally in your cup. From the growing methods to the ephemerality of brewing it. Tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage on the planet. The only beverage with a higher consumption rate – and a longer marketing campaign – is water! Beer recently ranked in as the 3rd most consumed beverage on Earth. We are happy our 3 favorites are also everyone else’s too.

5) We ferment Pure Kombucha™ at least 21 days to make sure it is always properly probiotically “active” 

This means we grow up our bacteria babies real big and strong by nurturing them for the full course of the fermentation cycle. This makes sure all the beneficial aspects of kombucha become bio-available. We joke, they are our young adult children, fresh from college. Ready to join the workforce in your gut!

Why is it so important to ferment 21+ days?

6) Most importantly Pure Kombucha™ is exclusively fermented in glass barrels & never touches a metal surface from craft to bottle

This is why Pure Kombucha™ taste great and you can feel the difference when you drink a bottle. This is also why Pure Kombucha™ is not available on draft in a traditional keg. Instead we custom built our own glass draft, if you are in Bangkok email us to find out where you can get Pure Kombucha™ from a glass tap. Everywhere else, Pure Luck® – Pure Kombucha™ is only available in bottles.

What is it about Kombucha and Metal anyway?

What kind of Sweeteners do we use?

We use biodynamic pure cane Wholesome!™ sweetener whenever possible as the main food source for our kombucha ferments. We also often use organic evaporated cane juice, different grades of organic honey & organic grade B maple syrup to impart beneficial vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and accent flavor profiles.

How much sugar per bottle?

Pure Luck® is low in sugar, about 1 gram per bottle depending on the flavor.

When do we drink kombucha?

  • After meals
  • Need energy
  • Constipated
  • Thirsty!
  • Wanna detoxify
  • Hungover or have a headache
  • Need some positivity
  • Have an upset stomach
  • Feel bloated or sluggish
  • Every day to keep up immunity and maintain good gut health

Why are our bottles so small?!

We started with a 8 oz bottle in 2010. Then we asked tens of thousands of people over the years what they thought about bottle sizes for kombucha. One thing was for sure, an overwhelming majority wants kombucha in a small bottle. So we increased the potency, doubled the energy quotient and shrank the bottle. When comes to Pure Luck® one, 4 ounce probiotic shot, is all you need.

Why don’t you add juice to Pure Kombucha™?

But, then it wouldn’t be Pure Kombucha™

There is absolutely no need for us to add juice or anything to Pure Kombucha™. The flavors are meant to stand on their own. Our goal is to let you enjoy the true taste of tea, from our perspective. You are free to do as you wish. We actually want you to use Pure Luck as a mixer. Mix it into whatever you like. Beer, booze, salad dressings, fish marinades, vegetable steams, roasted chops, BBQ ribs and if you must add juice to Pure Kombucha™ don’t worry, we will forgive you… maybe. No matter what though, please drink Pure Luck® every day!

Will there be slight variations from batch to batch?

Yes, carbonation, color and subtle taste variations will occur.

To understand Pure Luck® you have to imagine tea and kombucha like a wine or beer. There are so many similarities. For example, out of many, many seasons – some wine vintages will be ok, some bad – and one will be great. When dealing with nature, weather and living micro-organisms, we do have some controls for predictable outcomes. But we also have to accept the control of nature and this, at times, can be more of an un-controlable element.

Will everyone notice these variations? Probably not, but if you do notice, you must be lucky from drinking all that Pure Luck® 🙂

What do you mean Pure Kombucha™ doesn’t need refrigeration?

We don’t add juice or extra sugar. Our brewmaster has created a kombucha that will naturally carbonate and then stabilize in a sealed bottle. With commercialization it’s possible to forget about nature. Kombucha, in it’s natural state loves the 80 degree weather. Of all the myths and legends surrounding kombucha. We can’t think of one where where we heard them say – you absolutely, always must refrigerate kombucha. Probably, because the refrigerator was only invented in 1922.

Does Pure Luck® Contain Caffeine? 

Yes, Pure Luck® contains caffeine. Kombucha thrives on caffeinated tea. Cinnamon Plum has the lowest caffeine and Green Dragon & Better than Cola have the most.


Kombucha, so the story goes is named after Korean physician Kombu who supposedly healed the Japanese Emperor Inyko with kombucha tea. The tea was then named after him: “Kombu” + “cha”.

“Tea of immortality” as kombucha was supposedly called during the Qin Dynasty, China (221-206 BCE). Kombucha was supposed to be known as “a beverage with magical powers enabling people to live forever”.

Genghis Khan and his men drank kombucha in the 12th century for vitality and strength so goes the myth. We like to think he drank it to cure his hangovers as well.

The Soviet Union, possibly used kombucha as one “secret weapon” in training it’s olympic athletes. One benefit of kombucha is to prevent the build up of lactic acid, which can lead to sore muscles.


Besides the fact that Pure Luck® is refreshing and unique, theres a bit of magic in each bottle that just makes you feel great! There’s a reason Pure Luck® is referred to as Happiness In a Bottle™. It may be that kombucha is known to contain…

Antioxidents, Flavonoids & Polyphenols – Naturally occurring in our teas these counter the effects of harmful free radicals and oxidative stress, which lead to cell and tissue damage

Vitamins & Minerals – Vitamin-C, B-Vitamins, Carotene, Follic acid, Manganese and Potassium

Theanine & Caffeine – The combination of L-theanine and caffeine has been shown to promote faster cognitive abilities. Theanine has also been shown to reduce mental and physical stress by promoting alpha wave production in the brain

Probiotics – Probiotics are beneficial gut bacteria that replace harmful gut bacteria with positive healthful ones

Beneficial acids  Help regulate pH, flush toxins, improve gut function and have anti-microbial effects

German studies have suggested that kombucha helps to regulate and flush the digestive system. Good gut health and detoxification, as shown by these studies, leads to better immunity to illness, higher mental clarity/ focus, more energy, happiness, weight loss and better skin.

The process of kombucha fermentation creates; probiotics, beneficial acids, beneficial yeast, enzymes, b-vitamins, and usually an analgesic compound (pain reliever), an anti-arthritic compound, an anti-spasmodic compound, a liver-protective compound, and several anti-bacterial compounds. Yeast and bacteria “eat” the caffeine, sugar and alcohol and live off each other symbiotically. Aptly named; SCOBY – Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast.

German studies have shown kombucha helps purify the glandular system while promoting elimination of toxins. Medical research documented kombucha tea as an excellent remedy against headaches, stomachaches, gout, arthritis, kidney stones, angina, fatigue, constipation, toxic gut bacteria, eczema, ulcers and irritability.

“By the intake of the drink described as Teakwass (kombucha), there happens a remarkable invigoration of the body’s entire glandular system and a promotion of the metabolisms. …highly recommended for sports-people and those who do strenuous mental work. Through the promotion of the metabolism, undue fat deposits in the body are avoided or removed.” – Hans Irion, Director of the Academy for Chemists in Braunschweig, Germany 1944

Kombucha does not target a specific body organ but, rather, it influences your entire body system positively by effecting a stabilization of the metabolic situation. This leads, in many people, to a heightened immunity defense capacity against toxic influences and environmental stresses. Resulting in the invigoration of a damaged cellular metabolism, and the restoration and firming up of one’s well-being.

Some of the health-promoting properties people ascribe to Kombucha-tea require further research. However, other active mechanisms are entirely proven both by scientific testings and experientially, such as: regulation of the intestinal flora, cellular strengthening, detoxification and dross elimination, metabolic harmonization, antibiotic effect and facilitating pH- balance.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We are not doctors, kombucha is not a cure all, only one part of living a healthy 21st century lifestyle. Pregnant and nursing women should consult a physician before drinking Pure Luck®. 

Go outside and be happy. Don’t stress out. Live a healthy, active, happy lifestyle and eat your vegetables! 🙂 

All purchases are final. No returns or refunds.